PUBG Mobile Lite Quick Scope; Config, file, download and more

PUBG Mobile Lite Quick Scope; Config, file, download, and more – If you also want to enable Quick Scope in PUBG Mobile Lite and enjoy quick Scope in pubg mobile lite, then this article is more helpful for you, so read the article from the beginning to end.

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PUBG Mobile Lite Quick Scope

How to enable Quick Scope in PUBG Mobile Lite?

If we change the scope while playing the match, it takes a lot of time and if we change the scope with the help of quick, then within a few seconds we change it easily, then this difference is in the quick and if you want to enable it, then follow all the steps well.

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If Global PUBG Mobile Lite is, what we are currently playing, we do not get to see the option of quick scope, it was previously officially given, but after that, it was removed, now we do not know the reason why it was removed but still beta PUBG In Mobile Lite, we get to see this option Quick and can use it in it.

To enable Quick Scope, first of all, you need a quick.txt file, you will find that file in the description of the video above, you can download it from there and read further to know how to set up it.

How to add quick chat to pubg mobile lite?

  • Active from the video above. Download the save configuration to the file.
  • Extract the downloaded file to the Quick Chat Pubg Mobile lite file.
  • After extracting, you copy the file and paste it according to Android >Data >tencent lite > files > UE4Game > Shadow tracker > Shadow tracker Extra > Saved > Config >  save games then you have to paste and follow the given video.

FPP Mode and quick scope download (zip File)

In PUBG Mobile Lite, the player’s primary camera is TPP (Third Person Perspective) Mode, which is enabled by default in the game, it can be enabled through the config file in PUBG Lite, and it has not yet been rolled out officially.


At the moment you want to play in FPP (First Person Perspective) mode, then you will find the download link of the file above.


pubg lite quick Scope file download?

To download the PUBG Mobile Lite quick scope file, a link is given in the description of the video given in this article, with the help of the video, you can download the file easily.

What is Z archiver & es file explorer?

Zarchiver & es file explorer is a file manager with the help of which you can easily extract any Zip file or file. And you can easily transfer a file inside a folder in that too in a very simple way.

What is PUBG Lite quick scope APK?

Can you enable Quick Scope in Pubg Mobile Lite with the help of Apk, then the answer from our side will be that not at all because it will be wrong, do not do it at all. This can affect your Pubg Mobile Lite account, you can ban your account for 10 years, so do not try to do anything like that.

Which aim assist is best in PUBG Lite?

The Primary three options of PUBG Mobile Lite aim to assist are normal, light, high and if you want to practice then ‘light or normal” is right for you, if you want to play gameplay better then the “High” option is better.
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