These 5 Powerful Characters With Free Fire MAX Active Ability Will Help You Raise Rank

They are split into two categories based on an underlying basis of abilities. This includes passive and active. In the article, we’ve identified 5 of the most powerful characteristics of Free Fire MAX, each with Active abilities. We’d like to discuss the characters in greater detail

The characters in Free Fire MAX are a must-have for gamers. It makes the game more enjoyable. This also aids in winning games and increasing ranking.

Top 5 Powerful Characters In Free Fire Max

They can be bought from the game’s in-game store by purchasing diamonds, and they are the game’s currency. Often, players can get characters for free during events and redeem codes that are added to the game.


The strength of this particular character is called Time-Turner. Force fields are generated by the time turner, which can prevent 800 damage. However, players aren’t able to strike enemies within the zone. This effect lasts 4 seconds, and it has a cooldown duration of 180 seconds.


The unique feature of the A124 can be described as Thrill of Battle. This device converts the 20 EPs from Free Fire MAX to HP within 4 seconds. Isaac’s cooldown is 10 seconds.


The ability of this character includes Drop the Beat. Alok creates an aura of 5 meters when the abilities are activated. Movement speed is increased by 10%, and 5HP is restored after five minutes. The cooldown duration is 45 seconds.

Clu character

The title of the feature of Clue is the ability to trace Steps. After activating this ability, the enemy’s position is revealed by Free Fire Max within a 50-meter radius. It lasts for 5 seconds and can cool down for 75 seconds. Additionally, you can be able to share the position of your enemy with your teammates.


The title of the powerful ability of this character can be described as Healing Heartbeat. The Dimitri character can create an area 3.5 meters wide, and within it, the player receives 3 HP/s. If they do not meet this requirement threshold, they’ll be able to rebound and get back up by themselves. The ability is for 10 seconds, with the ability to cool down for 85 seconds.

free fire max Characters

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