Top 5 Best Places to Push Rank in Free Fire MAX

There’s much competition in Free Fire MAX. Most players wants to increase their rank while performing better. If you’re going to increase the rank, then along with surviving, you will also have to kill continuously. Sometimes players land in the wrong places, and so in this article, we will talk about 5 places in Free Fire MAX where players can land to push the ranks.

5 best places to push up the ranks in Free Fire MAX 5

#5: Snowfall (Alpine)

Free Fire’s Alpine is very much liked. There are some great places on this snow map. However, if you want to push the ranks, Snowfall is a good place to start. You can take fights while landing here and increase your rank by taking more kills.

#4: Observatory (Bermuda Remastered)

The Observatory can be considered a better option in the Bermuda Remastered map. There is a great amount of loot present at this place. You will not have that many problems even going to the safe zone. You can rotate the whole location using the car.

#3: Command Post (Kalahari)

You will find a place named Command Post near Refinery. You can find great weapons in this place, and it is a nice option in terms of loot.

#2: Lumber Mill (Purgatory)

Lumber Mills are located at the bottom of the map. You will be able to get down and do rank push well at this place. Players can land at this place and then move up the ranks easily by making kills.

#1: Kota Tua (Bermuda/Bermuda Remastered)

If Kota Tua is a great option if you want to take a little risk in Free Fire. It is present on the lower side. You will get good loot from here. Also, this place is at a high altitude, and you will be able to spot players from a long distance.

Note: The Rank Push place advice given in this article is generally given as the best player.

5 Best Places Push Rank Free Fire MAX
The 5 Best Places to Push Rank in Free Fire MAX

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