Who is Prime Kuki? PUBG Lite ID, K/D Ratio, Stats, Monthly Income and More

Prime Kuki in PUBG Mobile Lite is the famous Girl Youtube Channel of PUBG Lite. The player in this channel is a girl whose videos players like to watch a lot. Maybe, you are a fan of Prime Kuki and like to watch his videos, you will enjoy reading this post a lot. In this post, I will give all the information about Prime Kuki.

Who is Prime Kuki?

Prime Kuki is from Prime Army YT Clan and has his channel named Prime Kuki, and people know him by the name of his channel “Prime Kuki”.


What is the name of Prime Kuki?

His real name Kuki, and the name of his YouTube channel is Prime Kuki. There have been 3 lakh 60 thousand subscribers on Prime Kuki YouTube channel. She publishes gameplay videos with funny comedy on her channel.

Prime Kuki Photo (Face Reveal)

Prime Kuki’s (Prime Kuki Photo) face has been revealed. He had revealed his face in his first Vlog itself. You can also see his photo below. Apart from this. you can also follow them on Instagram.

Prime Kuki? PUBG Lite ID, K/D Ratio, Stats, Monthly Income and More
(img via on Instagram – prime kuki) Prime Kuki Photo

Prime Kuki PUBG Lite ID & Stats related information

ID Name Prime KUKI
ID Number 7364386699
Game AchievementsWell-Liked and Skins, Weapon Master
Kuki nstagram @prime_kuki
pubg mobile lite kuki

She started playing in season 6 and has also gone to the conqueror in season 9.

Prime Kuki Youtube Monthly Income

As mentioned earlier, he has 3 lakh 85 thousand subscribers on his youtube channel and has uploaded 388 videos on his channel so far. The report to Social Blade, his monthly earnings are at least 1.1k dollars, and Indian Currency is around 70 to 80 thousand rupees.

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