PUBG Mobile Lite: How to rank push for Conqueror in Season 14

The highest rank in the PUBG Mobile Lite is the Conqueror every player wants her to be able to get rich up to the rank in Season 14. PUBG Lite is among the most well-known names in the battle royale. It is some of the more difficult levels of play that allow players to increase their skills.

Conqueror is the top tier in PUBG Mobile lite. Most players want to get there in order to obtain the Conqueror title, as well as other rewards from tiers. However, those that are making their first push may not grasp the fundamentals of rank push that this article explains.

Tips to rank push to conqueror quickly in PUBG mobile lite season 14

PUBG Mobile Lite How to rank push to Conqueror in Season 14, area

1) Where do players go to land?

In the course of advancing rank towards higher tiers such as Conqueror, choosing the best landing place is crucial. Players should place their landings in areas that they are familiar with.

If you like playing with a ferocious attitude could visit Georgopol as well as Stadium. People who prefer to play passively could find themselves in towns with large populations like third hill, pilot plaza, factory and more

pubg lite conqueror rank push

2) Importance of kills and survival

The player must learn the importance of killings and survival points during this Conqueror rank-push. The ideal time to earn more plus tier points is between 20 and 22 minutes for each match.

To earn at least 15 to 20 Tier points, players should aim for four to five kills every match. In this way, players can be able to reach the Conqueror faster.

3) Teammate support

In the Duo and Squad rank push, the teammates are the ones who play a vital part. The players must select regular teammates that are familiar to them. If they play with teammates who are not familiar There is a chance of being killed in the beginning zones of the game and thereby earning negative level points.

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4) Device and data connection

Players who want to get ranked as in the race to Conqueror for the 14th season will require a high-quality device and a reliable data connection. With a good phone, they’ll experience fewer frame drops in the final rounds.

It can eventually assist in getting more kills and achieving top places. With a steady internet connection, gamers will experience lower pings, and consequently, the bullets will be more effective to their opponents.

pubg lite conqueror rank push
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5) Vehicles and utilities

The importance of vehicles and utility usage increases at higher levels like Ace and Conqueror. They provide protection in the final zones when players are trapped in open areas. They can also be helpful in quick rotations to secure zones.

The utilities include grenades as well as healing items that are available in PUBG Mobile lite. The players can make use of Frag grenades for rushing into enemy units as well as smoke grenades to get quick protection.

PUBG Mobile lite Conqueror tier Reach Points for Season 14

PUBG Mobile Lite is not a specific point rating at which point a player is awarded the title of the conqueror. Instead, those who are among the 500 best players on any server will be promoted to the level of the conqueror.

An individual can be a conqueror after achieving the ace level (4200 points) when his/her rank is among the upper 500.

If a player ranks within the elite 500 player group following getting to the ace tier, on the next day, their ranking will be changed to the conqueror. This means that they will have to increase their rank to at least the top 400 players to ensure that they get the title of the conqueror (pubg mobile lite conqueror frame) for them.

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