PUBG Mobile lite requirements on mobile

PUBG Mobile Lite is an excellent game. You will know about the requirements of PUBG Lite. This game is fascinating. Whichever User plays it, it feels perfect and lite, and it’s a gaming experience. This game has been developed based on the alternative or similar features of PUBG so that Users can get the best experience from the low-end devices.

In today’s article, we will know your mobile’s requirements to play this game and what type of mobile you need to play this game with a good performance or with the best support. So, along with these methods, I will share more important things with you in this article, which will be of great use to you by playing pubg mobile lite.

PUBG Mobile lite requirements on mobile

PUBG mobile lite

This PUBG Mobile Lite game is usually developed for low RAM and low specification mobile, and this game is a similar game of pubg and bgmi. It is specially made by the developer so that users with standard end devices can enjoy the experience of this game. It includes all the controls and features like pubg, which provide the best extreme graphics.

  • Graphics – Smooth, Balanced, HD, HDR
  • FPS – 60 Supported
  • Controls – general with Gyro
  • Size – 600MB
  • Map – Varenga (2×2 km), Golden Woods (2×2 km)
  • Rewards Store – WP (winner pass, lucky spin, create, shop option and redeem code)

PUBG Mobile lite requirements on mobile

  • Operating System: Android 9
  • RAM: 3 GB
  • Storage: 624 MB

Note: We have given this requirements for the best user experience and smooth performance.

Want to play pubg mobile lite with the best performance and as a pro player and want to have the best gameplay on you, then we have written an article on this in which we have given post a specific device about this game as a writer. then you must check it.

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