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PUBG Mobile Lite Winner Pass Season 36 release date, leaked free rewards, and more

PUBG Mobile Lite Winner Pass Season 36 release date, leaked free rewards
PUBG Mobile Lite Winner Pass Season 36 release date, leaked free rewards

PUBG Mobile Lite Season 36 Winner Pass: As usual in PUBG Mobile Lite, users are again getting to see a new Winner Pass 36. These usually include price, release dates and unique items leaks.

GamePUBG Lite V0.22.2
Winner PassThe Winner Pass 36
Release Date1 May 2022
Elite pass Price280 BC
Free Winner Pass Giveaway Join Here
Elite pass plus price800 BC
Winner Pass 37 upcoming date1 June 2022

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Winner pass is a fantastic opportunity to collect many rewards in WP. It is updated each month, with exciting new rewards. It also includes a variety of kinds of new rewards like skins for vehicles, weapons helmet skins, an outfit set, emotes, and more.

PUBG Lite Season 36 Winner Pass Release Date

The winner pass is announced every month on PUBG Mobile lite. It roll out with many reward items.

The winner seasons 36 will be released in the morning of the 1st of May, 2022 7:15 AM.

The given mission levels, as well as the release date and ending date, are displayed at the beginning of the mission. and from there, you will end date of release for the winning pass. Find out easily.

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Leaked Rewards

The rewards coming up are presented in video format however after a while, better chance rewards that are fixed will be changed to image format in the article.

Find More Information:

  1. Does the winner pass 36 include upgraded guns?

    Winner Pass 36 does not include upgrade guns, but it does include some gun legendaries, and skins that can be upgraded. can't be included within Winner Pass because they are extremely rare.

  2. What are the advantages of completing the missions in Winner's Pass 36?

    BC and rewards can be claimed upon successful completion of the mission in Winner Pass 36.

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