How To Start A YouTube Gaming Channel With Ideas And Grow Tips 2022

How To Start A YouTube Gaming Channel With Ideas And Grow Tips 2022: Most people use YouTube for entertainment and to learn something new, while others earn money through YouTube by creating their channel! There are many different categories on the YouTube channel called low. One of them is the gaming category.

As you all know that the gaming industry is massive! And every person is crazy about video games. Taking advantage of this, many people make their channel on YouTube and earn money by playing games on it.

How To Start A YouTube Gaming Channel

You can create your YouTube channel and upload gaming videos on it! If the subscribers on your channel increase, you can earn lakhs of rupees a month from your channel.

Follow the steps given below to create YouTube Gaming Channel

  • Step 1- To create YouTube Gaming Channel, first of all, you have to create a new e-mail id which will be only for your YouTube Gaming Channel! 
  • Step 2- After that, you have to open your YouTube application and click on the icon on the top right side (the first letter of the name with which you have created the e-mail id will appear in that icon).
  • Step 3- After clicking on that icon, you have to click on the down arrow, which will come under the down logo. 
  • Step 4- After clicking on that arrow, you will get an option on the first number. You have to click on that option of your channel! 
  • Step 5- After clicking on the option of your channel, you will get the option to open a new channel. There you have first to enter the name of your channel. Remember that you have to name your channel as Unique (New)! 
  • Step 6- After that, you have to enter the description and click on Create Channel. As soon as you click on Create Channel, .friends will create YouTube Gaming Channel! 
  • Step 7- After the YouTube Gaming Channel is created, you have to go to the setting option, and from there, you have to do the profile photo, cover photo, and other settings related to the channel. After that, you can upload the gaming video!

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Items Required to start a YouTube Gaming Channel

  1. Android Mobile Phone 
  2. Laptop/Computer 
  3. Good Sound Quality Headphones 
  4. Good Internet Connection Mic and etc.

Most of what I have to say on YouTube is that you earn money by streaming on your channel, then you can also stream, you get a lot of opportunities in the stream such as from super chat a membership and sponsorship and many more features you get related to doing other If you want, you can mention your payment and UPI ID by creating an overlay in your stream, where users can donate some money by watching your game play and your skills.

First of all, choose your favorite game that you like more, You want to tell something to people about that game or you want to stream. Whatever game you are interested in, choose the same popular games ideas are here –

  • PUBG
  • BGMI
  • Call Of Duty
  • Free Fire
  • PUBG Mobile lite and more,

Before starting a gaming channel, you have to see what is inside me. For me to start a gaming channel, you should have the skill of your game or your way of speaking, which is very much liked by the audience, then your channel should be fast. May grow, you must have some skill in you, whether it relates to your game or people like your style of speaking, once you must try your skills.

Note: As I told you, you could choose an outstanding career by starting a gaming, but before that, let me tell you one more thing: if your age is more minor and you are studying now, then do your studies and go towards this career. because the study is the most important thing.

How To Start A YouTube Gaming Channel With Ideas And Grow Tips
How To Start A YouTube Gaming Channel With Ideas And Grow Tips
  1. How do you get 1000 subscribers on YouTube?

    Is it difficult to get a thousand subscribers on a gaming channel? “No”, If you upload streams and videos continuously on a gaming channel, you have to make consistent for completing a thousand subscribers soon.

  2. How much money does a Gaming Youtuber make?

    It is totally depend on the your work. estimate how much gaming channels earn on YouTube because it depends on your struggle and consistency, the better you will attract the audience, and you will be able to earn better.

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