Apex Legends Mobile Best Settings: Layout, Controls, Graphics, Sensitivity and More

Best Sensitivity for Apex Legends Mobile Settings with layout, Controls, Graphics, and Sensitivity – Apex Legends Mobile is a toned-down version of the popular Apex Legends Mobile. The game offers a better graphic and exhilarating survival royale experience on Android devices. Apex Legends Mobile has finally rolled out Now, plenty of Android mobile gamers and Apex fans are enjoying Game it already.

By giving this Layout setting, you can play by customizing your layout in this way, and usually, when you set up the layout, you may face problems in the beginning, so players will need a little practice.

Apex Legends Mobile Custom Layout Control Setting

Apex Legends Mobile Layout, Apex Legends Mobile Best Settings: Layout, Controls, Graphics, Sensitivity and More
Apex Legends Mobile Layout (4 – Finger Claw)

Not only new players, but even the masters of Apex Legends Mobile are often looking for control settings. In this game, players have countless options to set up their controls. In the game, the player can set the buttons anywhere on the screen according to his own. In such a situation, many players keep searching for the best Apex Legends Mobile Controls settings on the Internet. You can set your controls on the ‘Controls’ option on the right side of the game’s ‘Settings’

Apex Legends Mobile Sensitivity Setting

Linked Sensitivity Adjustment – Off

SensitivityFPS without ADS
Shooting 65%
SensitivityTPP without ADS
Shooting 75%
SensitivityIron Sights 1x Optic ADS
Shooting 50%
Sensitivity2x Optic ADS
Shooting 38%
Sensitivity3x Optic ADS
Shooting 27%
Sensitivity4x Optic ADS
Shooting 26%
Sensitivity6x Optic ADS
Shooting 19%
Sensitivity8x Optic ADS
Shooting 15%

According to the new player, the sensitivity in the game decreases, but still changing it can improve your game. Sensitivity refers to how sensitive your touch is. Slide your thumb or finger across the screen to change how fast the player turns or how quickly your gun shoots.

Basic Control

  • Auto Firing – Disable
  • Left Fire Button – Enable
  • One-Tap ADS and Fire – Disable
  • Bolt-Action Sniper Mode – Tap to Fire
  • Semi-Auto Shotgun Mode – Tap to fire
  • ADS Mode – Hold
  • ADS Button Rotates Camera – Disable

Additional options

  • Aim Assist – On/Enable
  • TPP Optic – Classic
  • Auto-Open Doors – On/Enable
  • Auto Open Chests – On
  • Weapon Auto-Cycle on Empty – On
  • Continuous Throwing – On
  • Tactical Ability Release Method – Classic
  • Ultimate Use Method – Classic
  • Allow Squadmate Control When Offline – Disable


  • Joystick triggers Auto-Run – On
  • Crouching Controls – Tap
  • Slide Jump Control – Classic
  • Use the Crouch Button to rotate the camera – On
  • Use the jump button to rotate the camera – On
  • Climbing Control Mode – Classic
  • Climbing Prompt – Off
  • Zipline Button Settings – Display
  • Riding on Zipline modes – Single Tap
  • Vertical Zipline Interact Button – On
  • Vertical Zipline Direction Tips – On
  • Auto-Turn on Vertical Ziplines – Off
  • Assisted Zipline Floor Landing – Off

User, Tap to change. Here you will find many pre-set settings. Within these three presets, the player also has layouts. You can save more types of settings here. You can save different types of settings in each of the layouts you want.

Apex Legends Mobile Graphics, Audio and FOV

When Apex Legends Mobile Graphics is opened for the first time on the phone, the game sets the graphics setting according to the smartphone, but sometimes changing the graphics also has a good effect on the gameplay.

The new mid-range smartphones coming these days also have the ability to run Apex Legends Mobile Graphics on high graphics settings, but still, if you feel that the game sometimes lags or the phone gets hot after playing for a while, then You can reduce the graphics on the game’s settings.

If you lower the sensitivity of the game, sliding your finger or thumb on the screen makes the player turn slowly and if you open the gun’s scope your gun moves slowly. The same thing happens faster if you increase the sensitivity. If you are a new player, we recommend keeping the sensitivity at ‘Low’ or ‘Medium’.

It is very important to tell you one thing when you follow and apply this sensitivity, you will face some problems. Because you have a habit of controlling your old sensitivity, Apex Legends Mobile sensitivity settings Gyroscope Follow, TDM Practice a little bit so that your aim is perfect according to the sensitivity

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