How to get cheap UC for BGMI M11 Royale Pass

How to get cheap UC for BGMI M11 Royale Pass: Krafton has included many items within BGMI that are designed to improve players’ experience from across the nation. The craze of the Monthly Royale Pass is unparalleled.

The 2.0 update released of the M11 Royale Pass to available Now. The pass will be available in two different versions: Elite Pass (priced at 360 UC) and Elite Pass Plus (priced at 980 the UC).

However, the game’s in-game stores’ UC bundles are available at a steep cost, and many players are searching for alternatives.

Get cheap UC for BGMI Month 11 Royale Pass (RP)

Krafton has recognized Codashop as an authentic UC shop for BGMI. It’s been added to the official website for the game and is a favourite among Battlegrounds Mobile India partners and content creators, which demonstrates its reliability.

Below are the steps to follow that BGMI users can purchase a low-cost UC by visiting Codashop.

  1. Go to the official Battlegrounds Mobile India website and navigate to the UC Store to access Codashop. Codashop website. You can also go to the Codahop website directly by clicking the link.
  2. Enter the game’s UID and select a UC bundle.
  3. Choose the payment method (via net banking or UPI applications) and then enter an email address to be notified of the payment.
  4. Click the Buy Now, Now button to purchase UC.
  5. Go to your game’s in-game email and download the purchased UC.

BGMI UC offer in Codashop in May – june 2022

Since May 2022, Codashop has introduced an offer that offers additional discounts (upto 40 per cent) if UC bundles are purchased on the site. In addition, additional UCs are provided with a 10% flat cashback to give customers a better experience. The offer is valid until May 25at 9:00 am IST.

Here’s an overview of the entire price list for UC bundles, as well as the other UC specials in May:

  • Buy 60 UC for Rs75, and you will get an additional 3 UC.
  • Buy 300 UC for Rs 380 and receive an additional 40 UC.
  • Purchase 600 UC for Rs750, and you will receive 90 UC.
  • Purchase 1500 UC for Rs.1900 and receive an additional 500 UC
  • Buy 3000 UC for 3800 Rs and receive an additional 1000 UC.
  • Buy 6000 UC for 7500 rupees and receive an additional 2400 UC.
How to get cheap UC for BGMI M11 Royale Pass
How to get cheap UC for BGMI M11 Royale Pass

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This offer is only valid for one week. Players can visit the site and benefit from it by buying UC bundles of their choice. Users can use it for the games to acquire Month 11’s RP.

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