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PUBG Mobile Lite Season 38 Winner Pass Release date and free rewards revealed

In this post, what will come in the coming season, we will know complete, Season 38 Winner pass free rewards – skins like that which will definitely come. Know their list and when will the season be reset, will also know the upcoming rewards leaks and the date of Winner Pass 38.

GamePUBG Lite V0.22.2
Winner PassWinner Pass 38
Release Date1 July 2022
Elite pass Price280 BC
Free Winner Pass GiveawayJoin Here
Elite pass plus price800 BC
Winner Pass 39 upcoming date1 August 2022

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Release date

Friends, If you are a new installer of PUBG Mobile Lite, then maybe You do not know when Season 38 Winner Pass will update. So PUBG Mobile Lite Season 38 Winner Pass will begin on July 1, 2022, at 7:30 a.m. (IST)

PUBG Mobile Lite Season 38 Winner Pass Rewards (Free) Leaks

The wp new rewards you see here are all told in the form of leaks, whose Next PUBG Mobile Lite Season 38 Winner Pass. There are more chances Rewards of coming in, for the time being, Friends can watch WP Leaks through video and Now Leaks updated.

Winner pass 38 Leaks
Screenshot 2022 05 25 00 05 52 654 -
Screenshot 2022 05 25 00 05 55 587 -
Screenshot 2022 05 25 00 06 15 118 -
Screenshot 2022 05 25 00 06 23 534 -
Screenshot 2022 05 25 00 06 30 471 -
Screenshot 2022 05 25 00 05 58 758 -

How to upgrade Winner Pass of Season 38

Note: You don’t even have to have 280 BC to WP upgrade, after that you will be able to get the current winner pass for free by collecting wp missions.

  • Open PUBG Mobile Lite Game and log in to your game account In PUBG Lite.
  • After going to the lobby options, select the option of WP.
  • Upgrade Winner’s pass and collect the given great rewards according to the mission.

There is a collection of Winner pass rewards, in which every month Users get to upgrade different Osm Outfits, Vehicle Skin, Gun Skin, Coupons, bc coin, Collection items and more and also get free For current WP Missions have to be completed.

How to get Free Winner pass 38 in PUBG Lite?

To claim the Free Winner Pass, you can collect BC for free by watching the video from the Watch Ads coin in the PUBG mobile lite. more free bc details are here.

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