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How to get free Soul Shaking emotes in Free Fire Max?

Soul Shaking Emotes: Gamers prefer to play Free Fire Max in India after Garena Free Fire was banned. This is the only second battle royale game in the world that has been downloaded the most. The option of emotes inside this battle royale game attracts players a lot.

Gamers can earn emotes along with legends and cosmetic items for free by completing missions in the calendar. New rewards have been added inside the game. Well, in this article we are going to tell you how to get free Soul Shaking emotes in Free Fire Max.

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How to get free Soul Shaking emotes in Free Fire Max?

Garena can obtain the Legendary emote for free from the events included within Free Fire Max. Players must use 15 Flame Tokens to purchase this emote. This event is going to run inside the game till 25 May 2022.

How to get free Soul Shaking emotes in Free Fire Max?
Soul Shaking emote

You can easily get Legendary Tokens for free by completing Merce-in missions. Below are the details of the missions:

  • Play a game – 1 Flame token
  • 3 Nail the enemy – 1 Flame token
  • Get buoy in Clash Squad mode – 1 Flame token
  • Played for 30 minutes – 1 Flame token
  • Win 3 matches – 1 Flame token
  • Play a game of 60 minutes – 1 Flame token

Gamers can get these tokens to get the below rewards till 25th May 2022.

  • Kar98k – 25 Flame Tokens
  • Little Days Backpack
  • 15 Flame Tokens
  • Premium Room Card (Limited Time – Three Hours) 5 Flame Tokens
  • MP40 – Bloody Gold Weapon Loot Crate 5 Flame Tokens
  • SCAR – Blood Moon Weapon Loot Crate 5 Flame Token
  • Random Loadout Loot Crate 1 Flame Token

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