BGMI M14 Royale Pass (Release date, leaks, Free, RP Rewards, PUBG)

BGMI M14 Royale Pass (Release date, leaks, Free, RP Rewards, PUBG)

Most of the BGMI users eagerly wait for the Royale Pass, as it includes some attractive and great types of rewards and the free items like outfit set, weapon skin, vehicle skin, parachute etc.

That players get when you buy the Royale Pass(RP), and to get them, you have to pay some existing omissions. have to be completed. Only because of that you can get those rewards.

New Royal Pass (RP)BGMI M14 Royal Pass
Month 14 ROYAL PASS Release Date19 August 2022
Royal pass M12 end dateEnding Date – 18 August 2022
Royal Pass prize360 UC and 960 UC
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It is the Indian game version of one of the world’s most-played smartphone Android and iOS compatible games. called PUBG. i.e., Battlegrounds Mobile India has been officially launched.

While it’s not launched yet on an iOS device, the game designer Krafton has revealed. BGMI players are likely to be prepared for Royal Pass’s updated season.

BGMI M14 Royale Pass

To Buy Elite Royale Pass in BGMI, you’ll need to pay 360 UC, whereas to purchase Elite Plus Royale Pass, you will require at least 960 in UC. According to leaked information, the next season will be superior to the current season.

In the BGMI Royal Pass, users can see various and more appealing rewards items, such as cosmetics and gun skins, every season.

This is extremely attractive and well-liked by many players because it is healthy for the player.

Be Info that the rewards you earn with the Royal Pass are excellent, and specific rewards can be claimed or collected at no cost.

The most recent 2.1 updates are available and the upcoming update available soon. pubg mobile users can download.

BGMI M14 Royale Pass Leaks Rewards and Free Rewards

BGMI M14 Royale Pass Release Date

The Royal Pass M14 of BGMI is released every month, its timing is the same. BGMI Royale Pass Roll out every month with better rewards and items

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The Beginning Date of the PUBG/BGMI M14 is – 19 August 2022, Ending Date – is 18 August 2022.

bgmi m14
BGMI M14 Royal Pass Release Date, Price, All RP Rewards, More
  1. How many UC are required to unlock the Royal Pass?

    Usually, in two Type RP, users can buy Royal Pass through two different UC plans, out of which you can buy one Elite 360 UC elite Pass plus 960 UC. it depends on the User how much UC you have available so that you can buy that method buy as you like.

  2. Can Users get Royal Pass M14 for free in BGMI and PUBG?

    “Yes” you can get Royal Pass in BGMI for Free but users have to use any best winning app for this so that you can earn from it, recharge their game and upgrade RP by buying UC.

  3. What is a Royale pass (RP)?

    Royal pass is a collection that contains a lot of rewards rather those rewards include outfits, helmet skin, emotes, vehicle skin, parachutes more content that can bring all the rewards by buying the same collection pack.

Battlegrounds Mobile India fans go through this article to know what rewards will be included in BGMI’s latest Royal Pass and when the Royal Pass will arrive. if you want to continue with more BGMI news.

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