PUBG Mobile First Collaboration: Who is the first collaboration with PUBG Mobile?

Who is the first collaboration with PUBG Mobile? If you also want to know, then of course read this article completely so that you can know. when did the PUBG Mobile first collaboration happen, and who were involved, in this first pubg mobile collaboration.

PUBG Mobile Collaboration. Let’s take a look at some of the most memorable and unique collaborations from the game’s past.

PUBG Mobile Collaboration Collaboration Time
PUBG Mobile First Collaboration: Mia Khalifa, Taylor Alesia and Alinity Divine11 May 2018
Spider-Man: There’s No Way Home17 January 2022
Godzilla11 May 2021
Jujutsu Kaisen 26 February 2022
Arcane2 November 2021
BlackPink19 February 2019
Metro Exodus7 November 2020
BlackPink13 November 2020

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PUBG Mobile First Collaboration

PUBG Mobile First Collaboration: Mia Khalifa, Taylor Alesia and Alinity Divine
PUBG Mobile First Collaboration: Mia Khalifa, Taylor Alesia and Alinity Divine

PUBG Mobile First Collaboration: PUBG Mobile was launched on 23 March 2017 And this collaboration happened on 11th May 2018 and Mia Khalifa, Taylor Alesia and Alinity Divine are teaming up with award-winning chef Danny Smiles to create an amazing chicken dinner in honor of your PUBG MOBILE

Some past PUBG collabations that have happened at the moment, with great rewards –

Spider-Man: There’s No Way Home

Spider-Man Collaboration

Spidey was the talk in pop culture at the start of 2022. PUBG MOBILE drew him into its multiverse to begin the year. Spider-Man was now a non-player character in the Erangel map’s new mode.


Godzilla collaboration

Two Godzilla collabs were made in PUBG MOBILE. The first was Godzilla: King of the Monsters, which will be released in 2019. The event was great, but they took things to the next level with Godzilla vs Kong in 2021.

Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen Collaboration

PUBG MOBILE teamed with the dope anime/manga Jujutsu Kaisen to create a new mode for the Erangel map. It introduced a new wildcard: a charming cartoon monster called Cathy, which can take on anyone who asks.


Acrane collaboration

The PUBG MOBILE and Netflix’s League of Legends series Arcane teamed up to bring some key locations to a new version of Erangel, called Mirror World.

Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2

PUBG MOBILE’s first ever video game crossover was also one their most memorable events. This collaboration added a new battle royale mode to the game, but with zombies and a day/night cycle.

Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus

The PUBG MOBILE Metro Royale event mode was a game-changer. The Black Market and personalized loadouts were just two of the many new features that this mode introduced. It almost felt like we were in a completely new game. Even the battle royale mode was so much more exciting with the addition throwable melee weapons.


BlackPink collaboration
BlackPink: Music

PUBG MOBILE teamed with KPOP sensation BlackPink in August 2021 to fill Erangel’s shelves with all kinds of BlackPink-themed drops.

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