BGMI ban in India not permanent, will be back soon, declares Skyesports CEO Shiva Nandy

It is reported that the Indian government has recently ban Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) in the country due to concerns about data sharing directly or indirectly with servers located in China, as well as other motives. It’s not a surprise move by the government since it’s been doing similar things with hundreds of other apps and games which had servers located in China previously. 

The Indian government recently banned Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). Skyesports CEO Shiva Nandy has now communicated his views on the matter. Nandy says that the BGMI ban is not permanent and will be back soon.

In actuality, BGMI was launched as a rebranded variant of PUBG Mobile following the latter was shut down in the year 2020 due to similar reasons. BGMI banning is a massive hit to the Indian esports scene, as it is among the top games played in India.

Skyesports CEO and Founder Shiva Nandy have announced the matter. According to Sportskeeda, Nandy posted on Instagram to voice his thoughts and claim that BGMI isn’t currently banned and that it’s just an interim decision from the government. Nandy stated, “It was not an immediate move. The process was ongoing for more than five months. A week before the removal of it from the Play Store, the federal government issued an interim notification to Krafton headquarters. 

A couple of days before the time when the User took the game off the Play Store, the User gave the team an indication, which is the reason we didn’t pay the advance to be paid for Skyesports League, LAN Delhi.”

BGMI ban in India not permanent, will be back soon, declares Skyesports CEO Shiva Nandy
Via on Skyesports CEO Shiva Nandy

According to sources, Nandy has also stated that BGMI might return soon since previously prohibited TikTok is expected to return to India. The actor said, “According to the sources I have spoken to, Tik Tok is all set to return. If this happens, BGMI will be back 100 per cent. If all is going well, it will be independence soon! This isn’t any prohibition. An interim order.”

It is worth noting that neither Krafton nor the government has denied any of these assertions. It’s unclear whether BGMI will ever return to India or not, and even in the event there is a chance, it may take quite a long time. Krafton has put forward its case to the government to get BGMI whenever it is.

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