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How To Buy BC In PUBG Mobile Lite from Paytm, Phone pe, Google Pay and more

How To Buy BC In PUBG Mobile Lite – A battle coin (BC) is needed to get the WP, Lucky Spin, and Create Opening in the game. And if Fans have to buy Bc, you will be prepared to know how to purchase PUBG Mobile Lite BC with the help of this post.

How To Buy BC In PUBG Mobile Lite from Paytm, Phone pe, Google Pay and more

There are best ways to purchase Bc in PUBG Mobile Lite, Guys can buy BC from the game too. But there you get much more expensive BC Therefore, you have to purchase from the existing site below, which will enable you to buy BC cheaply.

BC PackBC Price
90 BC89 rs
280 BC190 rs

Most players buy 285BC Pack for the winner pass, which you will be able to do from here.

PUBG Mobile Lite Buy Bc Coin

By using for PUBG Mobile Lite BC Purchase, I am going to show how BC can purchase cheaply.

First, go to the PUBG Mobile Lite BGMI Lite Website And Login in.

IMG 20220810 181730 -
  • Select your preferred plan and click on it.

IMG 20220810 181913 -

Choose bc according to your budget and its price will be visible as you select BC Pack it below. Next add to cart the pack you have selected.

IMG 20220810 182134 -

Cart summary will show pack details and total amount, if you want, you can double the pack from here, like 280 bc × 2 Then its price will cost you 380 rs, in which you will get 480 bc.

IMG 20220810 182347 -

Billing information See the steps are given below

  • Enter your name in the first olumn or id number of the game in the second column.
  • Select the social media of the game’s account, if there is facebook then select facebook and if there is vk then select vk.
  • Enter the password of the FB/VK account in the third column and fill in the correct existing email id below.
  • Enter your mobile number in additional information and click on “proceed to payment

IMG 20220810 182539 -

If you want, you can also make payments by scanning the QR Code, through any payments app that supports upi payments.

IMG 20220810 182631 -

By clicking on “Click here to pay using a upi app” you can pay with Paytm, Phone Pay, Google Pay etc. Later bc coin will be transferred to your account in 1-2 hours.

Wrapping up

In this article, we told you about the Buy BC In PUBG Mobile Lite from Paytm, Phone pe, Google Pay and more. I hope you liked this information.

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