Dungeons and Honor is an upcoming strategic RPG that presents both singleplayer offline, online co-op play

Nameless Studio Entertainment opens pre-registration for its newest strategic RPG, Honor-RPG and Dungeons. It lets you be part of a group of characters to battle against enemies and bosses to gather equipment and gain new skills. The game is free to play and offers the possibility to play offline or online.

Dungeons and Honor

Select from the vast roster of heroes and dive into the dark dungeons

The Dungeons and Honour begin with a character called Blaze who embarks on a journey in search of reuniting with his father, who is within one of the tense camps of the Dungeons. With easy-to-play controls and excellent graphics, The Real-Time Strategy RPG lets players select fifteen unique heroes with different talents and characteristics.

Players can pick from a range of equipment, weapons and accessories to boost the rank of their guild and strengthen themselves to have access to stronger equipment and weapons.

Dungeons and Honor is an upcoming strategic RPG that presents both singleplayer offline, online co-op play

The game comes with two modes, one being the Campaign for one player, and the second is Co-Op, in which players must play online. When playing online in the cooperative game mode, players can fight against others online via a Local Area Network (LAN). The main goal is to beat the strongest opponents and advance in prestigious leagues. The players can also watch games online using an Observer mode.

Pre-registration is available in the case of Dungeons and Honor.

Dungeons and Honor trailer
Dungeons and Honor trailer

Nameless Studio Entertainment has now opened registration for pre-registration for Honor-RPG and Dungeons. The developers haven’t yet set a release date for their new real-time strategic RPG. Android users can register to play the game via the Google Play Store.

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