How to Leave a Clan In PUBG Mobile 2022

How to leave clan and join another clan in pubg mobile: The game consists of clan players who follow what a leader tells them. Although it is not currently decided that the leader should do what he says, a clan is a means, often in which the leader is of his own accord. The name chooses the prefix, and many players put it in front of their name so that the players can be easily identified and remain popular.

You will know how you can leave the previous connected clan and how to join the clan, you will know step by step about the process, read the complete article –

how to leave clan and join another clan in pubg mobile

  • First, open the PUBG Mobile game, and click on setting.
How to Leave a Clan In PUBG Mobile
  • After clicking on a setting, an interface will open. You have to click on clan, and clicking on clan will open clan.
  • A clan will have a button named information. Click on the button with the information.
  • After clicking, press the option of leave clan on the left side.
  • Click “yes” the notice that popped up, and you will be left from the plane. Go to join the next step.

There are many existing features in the clan, such as if they want to play a tournament, the leader, Co-leader, or member can inform all players through the clan because it has message options. Each player can message there and send messages to their team. can lead.

join another clan in pubg mobile

To join any clan, you get many options, such as search, recommended, request, invite etc. If you want, you can also search the clan name from here. 

  • Now you can also join the recommended clan. However, before joining, some planes require a request. If your friend has made a request for the Clan, you can join with the requested button. 
  • You can click on any clan name and click on the request button. You can join

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