PUBG Mobile Lite Winner Pass 41 Release Date and Rewards are here

PUBG Mobile Lite WP 41 – Winner Pass is presented Every month in the PUBG Mobile Lite game with the next month’s Weapon skin, outfit set, helmet skin and more rewards, Players can expect to receive amazing rewards.

PUBG Mobile Lite Winner Pass 41

A Winner pass that is a pack of PUBG Mobile Lite has its uniqueness and appears with many rewards and prizes that players have eagerly expected. The rewards are also exciting for players. The Winner Pass 41 is destined to be the items of being unique.

Release Date

Fans, if you’re new to PUBG Mobile Lite, you may not know when PUBG Lite will update the Season 41 winner Pass. Accordingly, PUBG Mobile Season 41 Winner Pass will start on October 1st, 2022, at 7:15 a.m. (IST)

PUBG Mobile Lite Season 41 Winner Pass (Free) Leaks

The new rewards for WP that Players can see below are all rewards through leaks. The next is PUBG Mobile Lite Season 41 Winner Pass. There are additional opportunities to achieve rewards and for time-based standings, and friends can consider WP Leaks via video. Now some leaks have been updated.

How do upgrade PUBG Lite WP 41

Note: You do not require being a player of 280 BC to raise to WP. After that, Guys can unlock the latest winner pass for free via the collection of WP missions.

  • Open PUBG Mobile Lite Game.
  • Log in to the account (FB, Guest, Google Account, VK) in PUBG Lite.
  • Once you have accessed one of the lobby options, select the WP option.
  • Upgrade the Winner’s Pass and reach fantastic rewards per mission.

There’s a bundle of rewards for Winner Pass, where users can upgrade their OSM Items from Collections per month and get free for the current WP Missions. They must be completed.


In this article, we told fans about the rewards and release date. I hope you liked this information.


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