Top 5 PUBG Mobile lite players in world

Top 5 PUBG Mobile lite players in world – Dear Gamers, Today we discuss the best players of pubg mobile lite in world. We know pubg mobile lite is also popular a gaming community in worldwide.

Top 5 PUBG Mobile lite players in world
Top 5 PUBG Mobile lite players in world

A lot of players have expected PUBG Mobile Lite video making and streaming thanks to the growing popularity of the game. Today we take a look at 5 such best players PUBG Mobile Lite, who are ruling the gaming world right now.

Top 5 PUBG Mobile lite players in world

1.GoD Praveen YT

GoD Praveen YT is a competitive Youtuber (1.17M Subscribers) and PUBG Mobile Lite streamer. And the biggest youtuber of pubg mobile lite daily live stream of pubg mobile lite although right now he concentrates more on vlog channel than streaming, his younger brother GoD Tushar is OP and also, has a great fan on youtube.

The channel which is included in their community –

  • GoD Esports
  • GoDSunny YT
  • GoDHarshit YT

He is the leader of God eSports. GoD Praveen is loved by his fans for his gameplay and live streams on him, which makes him more famous.

  • PUBG Lite Name :- GoD 女 PraveenYT
  • PUBG MOBILE LITE ID :- 7259516585
  • PUBG MOBILE ID :- 570229450

2.Koobra Bhai and Koobra Ali

There are Koobra Bhai (1.21 Million Subscribers) and Koobra Ali (913k subscribers) youtubers making comedy and funny content of this game, which make the player laugh a lot, and the viewers like them a lot.

  • PUBG Lite Name :- 父KooBra๛Bhai
  • PUBG MOBILE LITE ID :- 7235497601

3.GoD Tushar OP

GoD Tushar OP is a competitive Youtuber (510k subscribers) of PUBG Mobile Lite. He is known for his spray and attack. GoD Tushar is the younger brother of GoD Praveen. God Tushar OP is also a PUBG Mobile lite streamer and co-leader of God Praveen’s God eSports clan. Know more about GoD Tushar OP.

  • PUBG Lite Name :- GoD TusHarOP
  • PUBG MOBILE LITE ID :- 7376472873

4.Combat Guruji

Combat Guruji is the Indian famous youtuber (548k Subscribers) of PUBG Mobile Lite community, who is famous for his videos, also makes informative videos and also achieved a huge milestone on his videos. Know more about them.

  • PUBG Mobile Lite ID – 7239976947
  • name – GoD女CombatYT

5.Prime Kuki

Prime Kuki in PUBG Mobile Lite is the famous girl YouTube (400k subscribers) channel of PUBG Lite. The player of this channel is such a girl whose video players like to watch a lot. Maybe you’re a fan of Prime Cookie and love watching their videos. It also often publishes the gameplay and Know more about the Prime Kuki.

PUBG Mobile Lite ID – 7364386699
Name – Prime KUKI

The information such as subscriber and ID at the time this article was written by the author is accurate and we do not claim the accuracy later.

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