5 New Things in GTA 6 leaked Gameplay

Following that, the GTA 6 Gameplay leaked online. There are now a lot of new places, things, and features that are added to the gameplay. However, the leaks of GTA 6 gameplay videos aren’t yet finished. Therefore, you can expect precise graphics and updated information on the GTA 6’s final release. Let’s look at GTA 6’s top 5 new features in GTA 6.

GTA 6 Real Life In Game City Locations

  • LoanDepot Park
  • Ocean view hotel
  • Miami Speedway – Racing Track
  • Miami Vice City
  • Bayfront Park
  • Vice City Police Department (Miami beach police department)
  • Malibu club
  • Portofino tower
  • 1000m skyscraper
  • Sombrero Key Light


In order games like Grand Theft Auto, when you or someone else commit crimes. The police would pursue you to catch you. When you reach a certain point, your desired level drops, and they leave you behind. However, in GTA 6, the police will monitor your vehicles.

In this case, you may be required to change the engine of your vehicle, change the color by painting, and modify the registration plate to eliminate police pursuits. According to sources, the fight between cops will be reduced, and you will be able to hear police broadcasts.

Riding an animal game feature ( Mount horse) revealed inside GTA 6 leaked leaks is also possible. You’ll take a horse ride in the GTA series for the first time.

System and Features are here

  • What up message system(from WhatsApp)
  • Metro system
  • Robbing and Stealing improvement
  • Shipping Containers improvement
  • RPG elements for robbing and stealing

Animals Refference in GTA 6 leaks

  • Dogs
  • Alligator
  • Raccoon
  • Wild boar and more

NPC Interaction

You’ll have the option to glance at them to leave a message. In addition, if you target an individual, you’ll have the option of provoking him into doing some work. Or even you can rob him directly. In GTA 6, maybe you could also carry other players on your shoulders, such as RDR 2.

Realistic Cars – More detailing on Car Interior

Breaks, Accelerometers, clutch, and steering wheel racks with more details. When you utilize them, they will also turn up and down, creating a more realistic appearance. You can alter the mirror in the rear and seats. Also, you can remove and then close your sun’s lens. It’s a way to get more details.

Here I have shared some of the coming GTA features and other information in GTA 6 according to leaks and gameplay. Some of them might not arrive or be changed following the final release.


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