Advance Server Registration Process in Free Fire Max :Get Activation Code Here

Advance Server OB36: A new update is added in-game to Free Fire Max every two months. The in-game features are changed a lot in this update.

Apart from this, unique and cosmetic rewards are also added for gamers. Advance Server is released before every update. In this server, players get information about new features and changes.

The Advance Server of the Next OB37 Update will be released inside the game. So, in this article, we are going to tell you complete information about how to register for an advanced server.

Advance Server Registration Process in Free Fire Max and get an Activation Code

The process of registering an advanced server in Free Fire Max will start after a few days. Free Fire Fan can for Advanced Server by the steps given here, Follow these:

Step 1: Users have to visit the official website of Advance Server Free Fire.

Step 2: The options to log in will appear on the screen. Like Facebook and Google etc. Players can log in using their accounts. If you use any other account then an error will be seen on the screen.

Step 3: Email id is required after login.

You can register by visiting the official website of Advance Server as advised above. The process of this register has been given based on an official statement. Apart from this, the email ID is given by the gamers during the registration.

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If gamers are shortlisted by the developer, then that player is given an activation code. With the help of this code, gamers can easily enjoy the new features by connecting to the advanced server before the new update. Access to this server is given to select gamers only.

Free Fire advanced server
  1. What is ff advance server?

    Free Fire Advance server is given access to selected players, in which they are able to feel the style of the new update.

  2. Which server is advanced server?

    Free Fire Advanced Server is a test server available in Free Fire Max for Beta Testing of new features, characters, skin, or gameplay and more

  3. How to get OB37 Free Fire advanced server access?

    The Free Fire Advance Server Test App requires an activation code, which is available to most players and YouTubers.

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