Keyboard Control Shortcuts & Hotkeys Keyboard Control Shortcuts, Hotkeys – BeamNG It’s an open-world game of vehicle simulation. It was designed and released by the Bremen-based video game developer BeamNG GmbH. In this article, we’ll see an extensive list of keyboard shortcuts for the BeamNG Game. BeamNG Game. Let’s dive into this article!

The mouse and keyboard allow the player to play certain games. Car simulators, for instance. The primary reason is you aren’t able to accurately depict the feedback from the steering wheel or pedal using binary inputs on and off, that’s what happens when you type on the keyboard. The best choice is using the wheel. Keyboard Control Shortcuts, Hotkeys
BeamNG drive Keyboard Controls Keyboard and Mouse Shortcut Controls

These are the shortcut controls that can be used to play on PC with the help of a Keyboard & Mouse.

1. General Controls

KeyCommand Name
Steer Left
Steer Right
EscToggle Menu
F1Show Help
F7Drop Player At Camera
F8Drop Camera At Player
F11World Editor
QChange Shifter mode
Shift + BToggle Dynamic Steering
RRespawn/Retry Scenerio
WFree Camera Forward
AFree Camera Left
SFree Camera Back
DFree Camera Right
ZShift Down
XShift Up
CSwitch Camera
ShiftClutch/Move Camera Faster
TabSwitch Next Vehicle
IRespawn/Retry Scenerio
PToggle Parking Brake
LToggle Couplers
MService Lights
,Left Signal
.Right Signal
/Hazard Lights
SpaceParking Brake
InsertRecover Vehicle
Page UpFree Camera Up
Page DownFree Camera Down
Num8Rotate Camera Up
Num5Center Camera
Num2Rotate Camera Down
Num4Rotate Camera Left
Num6Rotate Camera Right
Num9Zoom In
Num3Zoom Out Keyboard Control

2. Alt Hotkeys Controls

KeyCommand Name
Alt + F4Quit game
Alt + UToggle UI
Alt + OShare Screenshot
Alt + PSuper Screenshot
Alt + NFog Lights
Alt + EnterToggle Full-Screen
Alt + Real Time
Alt + Slow Motion
Alt + Slower Time
Alt + Faster Time Keyboard Control

3. Shift Hotkeys Controls

KeyCommand Name
Shift + CFree Camera Keyboard Control

4. Ctrl Hotkeys Controls

KeyCommand Name
Ctrl + QESC mode
Ctrl + WParts Selector
Ctrl + EVehicle Selector
Ctrl + FShow FPS Keyboard Control

5. Vehicle Debug Controls

KeyCommand Name
Ctrl + NCycle Node Debug
Ctrl + BCycle Skeleton Debug
Ctrl + TCollision Triangle Debug
Ctrl + DToggle Debug Mode
Ctrl + GCenter Of Gravity
Ctrl + RReload vehicle
Ctrl + MNode Visibility Keyboard Control

6. General Debug Controls

KeyCommand Name
~Toggle System Console
Ctrl + ~Clear System Console
Ctrl + UToggle UI Console
Ctrl + SReload System LUA
Ctrl + LReload LUA
Ctrl + Shift + FAdvanced Metrics Keyboard Control

Recently, I experienced a lot of car feedback and frequent wheel lock issues with It’s a fun car simulator that simulates physics that caused my attempts at good driving to fail rapidly and terribly.


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