How to increase K/D ratio in PUBG Mobile

Every PUBG Mobile player wants to improve his skills and get higher ranks each season. The kill-to-death (K/D) ratio is essential to a player’s gameplay skills.

A higher KD ratio is a sign of better performance in matches. A high KD ratio can help you climb the ranks in the server leaderboards.

This article will discuss Quick tips and tricks every PUBG Mobile player must use to reach a high KD rate.

What is K/D Ratio?

Definition: Kill-death ratio (K/D) is a term that reveals how many kills a player gets before they die.

How is K/D calculated?

The K/D ratio can be calculated by multiplying the total deaths by the number. If a player kills 15 other players and dies five times, his K/D would be 15/5/13 = 3 K/D.

5 Simple Ways to Increase K/D Ratio in PUBG Mobile

How to increase k/d ratio in PUBG Mobile
How to increase KD

#1 Avoid hot drops

Don’t choose a hot drop for landing in the beginning. It can reduce your KD because most teams land together like this, and you can even lose the match as soon as you miss the chance to get the first gun. So it would be better to go this way and land at a place where the gun is readily available and body covering material like the helmet, vest, etc.

#2 Flank your enemies

One of the best strategies to OP your enemies is to tame them. Play with your squad/Duo and find the enemy’s crowd. Then, flank in pairs of 2. You can easily take control of your opponents by flanking tactics and wiping the enemy.

#3 Select the right weapon

It is important to choose the right weapon combination when playing pubg mobile. It would help if you considered all available guns in training mode/TDM/War Mode before you chose the deadly combination to dominate the battlefield. When choosing a primary weapon, you should consider who you are. Think of playing only assault rifles if you are a supporter of your squad/Duo.

#4 choose the best player

While playing the game, choose such a partner, who will keep your support equally in each team during the match, then it will help you a lot in winning your match, due to lack of partner’s support, now the better game can not win in the end.

#5 Quick Point To play better 

Some why points that you need to keep in mind – 

  1. What is a good KD ratio in PUBG Mobile?

    Usually, your KD should be 5 to make you look like a better player than usual, and more than 5 KD will help you to be a pro

  2. Is a 2.0 KD ratio good?

    No, it shows the performance of your game. Your average kill is usually 2. Try to improve even more.

  3. Does TDM increase KD?

    TMD mode is unranked. It does not increase your rank or KD.

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