PUBG Mobile and BGMI C3S9 Tier Rewards, Release Date and more

Every two months, PUBG and BGMI players can play for the new Cycle Season C3S9. In October, it is not yet launched any Cycle Season. That means you can purchase PUBG Mobile and BGMI C3S9 starting the next month.

C3S9 Tier Rewards

C3S9, also called Cycle 3 Season 9, is set to premiere on 19 November at 7:15 AM IST. This means the C3S8 is scheduled to end in less than 2 hours, at 5:29 AM on the same day. After the C3S8 finish, the Season will reset your rank in the tier.


The date and time will be in effect for both games, PUBG and BGMI. Your rank will decrease, and you’ll need to boost your rank to earn fantastic rewards for tiers. The developers can make the game more exciting for players.


The Season will reset Conqueror, Ace Dominator, Ace Master, Ace, and Crown player’s rank to Platinum. The Season will reset the rank of players in Diamond, Platinum, or Glod to Gold following the rules.

The top tier of the PUBG Cycle Season is Conqueror. There are only 500 players who can make it to the leaderboard due to having to be highly competitive and have a strategy. It isn’t possible for all players of BGMI.

Release Date

At present, the M16 Royale Pass is running on PUBG Mobile. This means that it is part of that Cycle 3 Season 9 tier. It is possible to purchase a brand new M17 Royale Pass on 20 November. But this M17 Royale Pass is not yet confirmed for release in BGMI.

There are many conclusions in BGMI players’ minds about whether C3S9 is coming out. The reason is that the last time C3S8 wasn’t released in the game BGMI by Krafton as part of this game BGMI. The good news is the tipsters have discovered PUBG as well as BGMI. Both games have tier rewards in the most recent beta version games. Therefore, there is a greater chance that BGMI C3S9 will be released per its scheduled release date.


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