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Respawn Announces New Apex Legends Mobile Season, Champions – The Latest Legend Also Teased

Apex Legends Mobile’s latest season, Champions, kicks on the 18th of October. It is likely to include a variety of enhancements and possibly even a brand-new Legend. The game has gained quite a bit of momentum in the last few days, and Respawn has also managed to maintain its excellent high storytelling on mobile platforms.

The brand new trailer for Champions explores the story of Fade in greater depth and introduces mobile gamers to Ash, One of the most adored Legends in the PC and console versions. Champions will likely feature a brand new POI within King’s Canyon as part of the town’s takeover.

Apex Legends Mobile Season 3 – Champions Kicks Off October 18

Apex Legends Mobile Season 3: Champions fleshes out the game’s storyline. It’ll be fascinating to find out how Ash integrates into the game’s meta and whether there are modifications to her equipment.

The new town takeover appears similar to the Pathfinder’s Fight Night from the game on PC and console. There’s a high chance of the game’s mobile version introducing modifications in Fight Night’s style and delivering a completely different experience.

Alongside Ash, this trailer of Champions also unveils a mysterious new character with a common history with Fade. The trailer depicts the character as a sort of overseer for The Apex Games and hosts the gladiator-themed event, which seems to be a town-wide takeover.

Apex Legends Mobile has been an excellent experience for Respawn and EA. The game’s fans have been overwhelmingly positive about mobile-first Legends like Fade. 

Although it’s not declared outright, there could be a possibility that Apex Legends might include characters similar to Fade on the console or PC versions of Apex Legends.

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