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PUBG Mobile Lite 0.25.0 Update: Release Date, New Features, and Download link

PUBG Mobile Lite 0.25.0 Update: Release Date, New Features, and Download link – Developers has become very active on the social media handle for the last update. With this, the player expects that the better features update will be rolled out by the developers in their game this 0.25.0 update.

Pubg Mobile Lite needs an update because it is imperative to optimize and improve security first. For the last few days, many players have been using configs in it and taking the game in a big way. Due to this, pro players with skill cannot perform well in the game in front of them because they increase their functions by using config.

Release Date

An update is definitely all out every three months in Pubg Mobile Lite. If we see it according to the previous Update schedule, we will see the next update after three months from today, i.e. in the second week of March. We will see the major update of Pubg Mobile Lite. I will get inside into which infinite will add many features.

It will be first launched for the beta PUBG Mobile Lite version, which will be launched in the first week of March and will be a tested version. This version is rolled out for improvement. Globally, this update will be rolled out between 14 and 15 March 2023 at 12:30 PM. Although the update may vary according to the time of different countries, it will roll out soon.

PUBG Mobile Lite 0.25.0 update Features 

We have mentioned this feature in PUBG Mobile Lite based on leaks. Some updated features are also confirmed, which will come in the next update.

  • 0.25.0 New Lobby with Animation 
  • Added Monthly creator Rewards option
  • New Mode: Related Winter (modified)
  • New event: Holi (colourful ball in the lobby)
  • Additional optimization for config cheaters
  • Training Mode (Mini)

Download PUBG Mobile Lite 0.25.0 Update

Until this update is not rolled out, it is not possible to download it. As soon as it is rolled out, we will update its steps. For this, you can bookmark our website so that you can visit our website regularly.

PUBG Mobile lite winner pass updates, below here with the release date

Winner Passs 45: The WP will roll out on the 1st of February at 7:30 AM with Amazing Rewards, including 1 to 50 wp Level.

Winner Passs 46: The WP will roll out on the 1st of March at 8:30 AM with Great Rewards, including 1 to 50 wp Level.


PUBG Mobile Lite 0.25.0 update FAQ

  1. What is size PUBG Mobile Lite 0.25.0 Update?

    The size of the beta PUBG Mobile Lite version of PUBG Mobile Lite can also be 786MB to 1GB but the size of the global update will be around 587 MB.

  2. What Is PUBG Lite 0.25.0 Update Release Date?

    PUBG 0.25.0 Update release date is March 14, 2023, and Fans will be able to update the game by 12:30 PM.

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