PUBG Mobile Lite 5 BC Option Removed: How To Solved This Problem

In the old version of PUBG Mobile Lite, the option of Watch ads was advertised, Through which any player could take 5 BC daily, And in PUBG Mobile lite many players take advantage of 5 BC by watching ads.

PUBG Mobile Lite 5 BC Option Removed

But for some days the ads button has been removed in 0.24.0 update, now you will not see that option in the game, nor will you be able to get 5 BC for free.

Why Removed PUBG Mobile Lite 5 BC Option?

PUBG Mobile lite developers have kept this update pending, they want to add better features instead of keeping an eye on the optimization of the game.

Why special PUBG Mobile Lite 5 BC Option

Many players in the game do not use real money in the game, which is correct, but right now they are sad about how to collect the existing bc for the winner and also take advantage of the extra features made in the winner.

Changes list of New Updated Winner pass 45

  • 30 wp has been increased to 50 wp
  • 30 BC is available in extra rewards without buying
  • premium items also added wp me
  • Extra discount coupon feature added

How To Solved 5BC Problem In PUBG Mobile Lite

This option is not visible in your PUBG Mobile Lite account, there is no problem, Rather, this option has been removed by the official developers, so that they can replace it with a better feature.

PUBG Mobile Lite is currently adding better event rewards to the event section, which is several times better than BC.

Win In-Game Rewards better opportunity than 5 BC

You can also get a chance to win these game Rewards a few days ago this information has been shared on the official Instagram handle of pubg mobile lite, you can win by following some easy steps.

  • Screenshot the frame when the ‘Spetsnaz’ is written on the L3 helmet.
  • DM this screenshot on Game Official Instagram handle
  • Comment below with your game ID Number.

It will announce the winners soon! You will get the winner list on our website as soon as it is announced, and tag your team and ask them to participate.

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