How to get free BC (Battle Coins) in PUBG Mobile Lite 0.26.0 version

How to get free BC (Battle Coins) in PUBG Mobile Lite: 0.25.0 version – (PUBG Mobile lite free bc) Most battle royale games include an in-game currency Battle Coins, that users must spend to purchase skins, spin, outfits, emotes, winner pass, and more. However, players cannot earn bc it for Free within the PUBG Mobile Lite.

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PUBG Lite free Bc

PUBG Lite free bc

The player of pubg mobile lite needs BC while buying any content in the game like it contains some items which we can buy from the battle coin (bc) only. We can not earn free BC currency in the game

Details to get free BC in PUBG Mobile Lite

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards (Image via Google Play Store)

It is a rewards-based program used by millions of users globally. Google’s application allows players to provide Play credits/balances for completing short and straightforward surveys. Later, these credits can be used to buy PUBG Mobile Lite BC directly in the game.

How to get free BC (Battle Coins) in PUBG Mobile Lite 0.22.0 version
(PUBG lite free bc)


PUBG Mobile Lite streamers on YouTube give away many gifts and the prize sets are incredibly attractive most of the time. Participating in such gifts can be helpful if you need bc. However, players will still need to rely on their luck to win such BC.

How to purchase BC in PUBG Mobile Lite using midasbuy

midasbuy (image via Midasbuy)
  1. First of all, you have to go to You can also visit this site by searching in a web browser.
  2. After visiting the site, you have to create your account by clicking on Create Account and logging in.
  3. you have to select your country by clicking on the country. After choosing the country, a new page will open to select PUBG Lite and click on GO.
  4. Click on the PUBG Mobile lite Game Section on the Website.
  5. A new page will open, there you have to enter the character ID of your PUBG mobile lite and click on the number of BC you want to buy, and select the payment method.
  6. Payment options like Bank, Razer Gold Pin, Razer Gold, UPI and more are given here. You can buy BC by paying through any method at your convenience.
  7. After making the payment, BC will be added to your PUBG Mobile lite. After that, you can buy anything from those BC Coins.

Pubg Mobile Lite free Rewards (Outfit, Skin, bc, Bp Coin etc) redeem Codes

image via – PUBG Mobile Lite redemption

Free bc, Outfit set for PUBG Mobile Lite is using redeem codes. PUBG Mobile Lite Redeem codes are shared by content creators and more. you can use PUBG Lite redeem coupon code:

  • Open the PUBG Mobile Lite Official Code Redemption.
  • Enter the Coupon Code/Redeem Code and Account ID.
  • your rewards will be in the Mail section of PUBG Mobile Lite.
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  1. What is the purchase price of the winner pass in PUBG Lite

    The winner’s pass can be bought for 280 BC in Pubg mobile lite.

  2. PUBG Mobile Lite 280 BC Hack app

    BC hacking apps are fake, so you should not download such apps from other links.

  3. How to get free BC in PUBG Mobile Lite for a winner pass

    The first winner pass is buy-in PUBG Mobile Lite, after completing the wp mission, you will be able to collect 280 bc as Rewards and get a winner pass for free.


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