bgmi lite

Nonetheless, many of them are frustrated and believe that the time has come to officially announce the game’s release date.

   bgmi lite FEATURES 

This game can be played smoothly on low-end devices. This version will have fewer maps. There will be fewer arcade options available as well. However, you will be able to choose weapons just like you would in BGMI.

   bgmi lite LAUNCh date 

No fixed date has been revealed for the release of the game. But it is expected that it can be launched in January month of 2022.


Back in November, Maxtern, in his Tweet, hinted that a lighter version of BGMI could be released in the upcoming year:

  on BGMI discord server 

The only thing they have officially found is a poll on the BGMI discord server, in which they were asked for reasons why they wanted a lighter version of the game

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