PUBG vs Apex Legend

Both PUBG and Apex Legends games are liked by their players and both of them are great games.

In view of the popularity of these games in computers, these games have also been launched for mobile users.

The mobile version of the popular PUBG games in Battlegrounds Games was launched in the year 2017.

At the same time, Apex Legends game has been launched earlier this year.

Along with mobile, the games can be played in play station and computer.

In terms of game users, PUBG ranks first with 400 million users.

The newly launched Apex Legends has more than 20 million users in a few days.

Along with releasing the map frequently, PUBG keeps updating the old map as well.

Different types of weapons are available in all maps in Apex Legends, which makes the game easy to play.

Apex Legends is currently only available on PC, Xbox and PlayStation 4.

Not only in the weapon but also in the look of the game, PUBG leaves the Apex Legends game far behind.

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