PUBG mobile lite new update 0.18.0

You are also eagerly waiting for the update of PUBG Mobile Lite, so we also know when the update 0.18.0 is going to be the same, today we will tell you and tell you by writing that when the update is going to be confirmed and what is in this subject We will tell you today’s posts by confirming all the new features that are going to come, so this post will have to end and you can get complete information by scrolling down.


Pubg Mobile Lite update First Anniversary update 0.18.0  is going to be done First Anniversary update You will get to see your game on July 25 at 7:30 am When you open your Game again, you will get to see the notice type in it on July 25. You will get to see the update 0.18.0 almost. Read more below to know about its subject.

PUBG mobile lite new update 0.18.0
PUBG mobile lite new update 0.18.0

In the first Anniversary update of Pubg Mobile Lite, you will find new outfits as well as parachutes and the accompanying new gun skin, which will be advertised by some ads of First Anniversary to write its first Anniversary Pubg Mobile Lite. You will be given by type and will be in your event opening and such items will also come in Lucky Spin, along with that you are going to get a lot of small interruptions.

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