TYPE SOUL Trello: Link, Wiki and more Updates Are here [May 2024]

Explore Type Soul, a Roblox game inspired by Bleach anime. Discover official Trello & Discord links for guides, updates & community engagement.

Type Soul, a Roblox game, transports players into the captivating universe of Bleach anime, offering immersive role-playing experiences. Unravel the mysteries of shinigami powers and engage in thrilling adventures with official Trello and Discord links for community interaction.

Official Type Soul Trello Link and Discord

Official Trello Link: Stay updated with Type Soul’s latest developments and resources through the official Trello link. Access guides, updates, and community discussions for an enriched gaming experience. Explore: Type Soul Trello

Type Soul Discord: Join the vibrant community of Type Soul enthusiasts on Discord. Connect with fellow players, engage with developers, and access the wiki for comprehensive game insights. Dive into the adventure: Type Soul Discord

Understanding Type Soul

Character Roles: Dive into varied character roles, including Soul Reapers and Hollows, each with unique abilities and attributes.

Game Controls: Master the game controls to navigate through Type Soul, engaging in combat and exploring its features effortlessly.

Concepts: Grasp fundamental concepts like Shinigami, Hollows, and Zanpakuto, shaping the essence of the game’s narrative and gameplay.

Diverse Locations and Modes: Explore iconic settings from the Bleach universe, engage in PvP battles, team quests, and boss fights, with regular updates introducing fresh content and challenges.

Comparison with Reaper 2: Discover the distinctions between Type Soul and Reaper 2, both inspired by Bleach, offering unique gameplay experiences within a thematic framework.

Join the Community: Immerse yourself in the Type Soul community, where players share news, tips, and updates, fostering collaboration and growth.


Embark on a thrilling adventure with Type Soul on Roblox, immersing yourself in action-packed gameplay inspired by the Bleach anime. With robust community support and regular updates, the game promises endless entertainment and challenges. Join the journey and carve your path in the world of Type Soul.