Team Death Match Mode Coming Soon on FAU-G, Trailer Has Been Released

The Indian mobile game FAU-G remains in constant discussion. It has been in the news since the announcement of FAU-G. It has been built by focusing on the Indian Army.

Now a big update is coming in this game. Launched with single-player storyline mode, this game is now coming with (TDM) team deathmatch mode.

The developers of the game Ncore Games have now released the trailer of Team Deathmatch. From this, we can guess what we can get in Team Death Match mode.

The deathmatch trailer of the FAU-G game has been made completely interesting. The trailer gives you the feel of Call of Duty Mobile or PUBG Mobile. In this mode, a team of 4 to 5 players will battle with the other team. Many money for this.

Faug Team Death Match Mode weapons

The FAU-G game has so far been given a single-player storyline mode. Because of this, the players are also very compulsive about this. Now users will be very happy with its deathmatch mode. Right now the game only has a single storyline with melee weapons.

Team Death Match Mode Of FAUG

Faug Team Death Match Mode battle

The FAU-G’s team deathmatch offers a variety of modern weapons. This includes everything from rifles to snipers. Players can also use grenades in games. This game was announced after the PUBG mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite ban.

Now looking at the new model of the game, it seems that a lot of changes are being made to it. Now whether users like this game or not, it will be known only in the coming time.

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