New mode and map release for FAUG, will Battlegrounds Mobile compete? Know

Battlegrounds Mobile India is being opposed continuously for a long time. Even before the official launch of the game, it was downloaded by more than 50 lakh users.


Battlegrounds Mobile India game PUBG Mobile’s only Indian When the ban was imposed on pubg mobile last year, then another way game was very much discussed. That game was far. Now tum mode has been released in this

TDM mode in FAUG game is not yet released for everyone. It is presently made available for beta testers. In this to a lot of limited slots have been made available. Team Death Mode is a very popular model. It is already available in Call of Duty: Mobile and Battlegrounds Mobile India.

nCore Games, the developer of the FAUG game, has given information about this. Team Deathmatch mode is nowadays made available for beta mode only And for this only a few slots have been made available on Google Play Store. The beta mode can be downloaded separately. For this, there is no need to have beta access to the original game.

In FAUG TDM mode, a team can have up to five players. One team battles with another team. There are five players in each team. A map has similarly been given for this. It was released by the developers of the Faug game.

The camping mode was limited to hand weapons only. In TDM, some advanced weapons have been given to the users. Guns have also been included in this. The team that gains 40 points first wins this round.

nCore Games, the developer of the FAUG game, has tried to attach those who like Battlegrounds Mobile India with their game. Now how successful it can be in this, only time will tell.

Rahul Jangid

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