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5 best gun combos for close-range fights in PUBG Mobile Lite

Best gun combos for close-range fights in PUBG Mobile Lite – Since guns play an important part in Battle Royale mode, it becomes important for players to have knowledge about guns and how different guns can come in helpful in different conditions. Here’s a guide to selecting the best gun combinations for close-range fights.

You can easily win the game by choosing the right gun combination in the game that you can close range fight until you have the perfect combination.

Different PUBG Mobile Lite gun combinations that are best for close-range combats?

5 best gun combos for close-range fights in PUBG Mobile Lite, combination
5 best gun combos for close-range fights in PUBG Mobile Lite

M416 and UMP45

The combination of M416 and UMP45 is one of the most powerful weapons for gamers who play PUBG. The UMP weapon can set a range of 9mm to .45 ACP, especially for close combat. At the same time, talking about the M416, it is quite easy to carry it along and it can be shot faster in close fight.

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M416 and Beryl M762

These two gun combinations are considered to be the most versatile weapon of PUBG Mobile Lite. Both the weapons compete well with each other. The 5.56mm range can be fired through the M416.

At the same time, the Beryl M762 has a range of 7.62mm. Both can be used with speed in close fight. Not only this, the damage capacity of Beryl M762 is considered more in the weapons of this battle royale game.

Groza and MK14

Both of these are air-drop exclusive weapons, so it’s hard to get both of them with every player. The special thing about MK14 is that it comes with auto mode and can do damage with 61 rate at a time. At the same time, the base damage rate of Groza is 47.

AKM and M249

These two gun combinations are considered to be the deadliest weapon combinations of this battle royale game. Both these guns can do more damage especially in close combat. Of these, M249 has been placed in the game as a non-airdrop weapon. Hence, it is easy for gamers to carry it along

UMP45 and Uzi

These two sub-machine guns (SMG) are also called the combination of BGMI and PUBG Mobile’s deadliest weapons. The best part is that both of these guns are easily found on the map. These are both short range submachine guns.

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