How to create Clan in PUBG Mobile Lite (2022)

How to create Clan in PUBG Mobile Lite – PUBG Lite, players want that they become a Group or become a Clan. In pubg mobile lite, we know by the name of the clan. How to make a clan and what are the requirements for that clan, talk about all of them. Will do and will also know the queries related to this.

Details, step by step How to Create clan in pubg lite and how to add friends

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What is Clan

The clan is a team or committee or we can say group, we add the player we want inside the clan so that we can tell and announce them by sending a message, it would have helped a lot in preparing to play the tournament on your own, It maintains a friend’s list rank wise. The way there is a guild in Free Fire.

Create Clan

How to create Clan in PUBG Mobile Lite (2022)
How to create Clan in PUBG Mobile Lite (2022)
  • Go to PUBG Mobile Lite and click on the clan option below.
How to create Clan in PUBG Mobile Lite (2022)
  • Go to the existing create Clan in Clan, and write the name of your clan there And if you want to write clan name in Stylish name then click here
  • In the second column of the clan, write anything related to the clan, keep in mind that it should be in 60 characters.
  • By clicking on the Change button, you can change the logo of the clan and you can give the name of your clan on the clan logo name. And you will be able to change the colour of people’s names too.
  • To create a clan, you should have 50000 coins, because the cost of the clan is 50000 coins, And while creating a clan, you will be told by owning your coin, then you click on “ok” to create.
  • To invite your friends to your clan, go to the recruit button and invite.
  • In clan management, through these settings, you do the accept approval and “Yes” so that if anyone applies to your clan, then you accept it, only then it is added to the clan.
  • Can set LVL and Tier of the player coming in the clan as a filter Winning the requirements will be the one who will be able to apply.

Clan Qurie Realted – FAQ

  1. After creating a clan, how to change the name of the clan?

    Yes, to change the name of the clan, you will be able to change it by Increasing a Clan Level to Get Free Clan, Rename Card.

  2. How many players can be added in PUBG Mobile Lite clan?

    Up to 30 players can be added to PUBG Mobile Lite Clan.

  3. How to make a player Co-Leader in Clan?

    Go to the clan and click on the player’s name in the clan and click on appoint to be the co-leader of the clan. The co-leader of the clan can manage the clan.

  4. How to Increase Clan’s LVL?

    To increase Clan’s lvl, add good players who spend more time in the game and play well.

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