How to Control Recoil In PUBG Mobile Lite

How to Control Recoil In PUBG Mobile Lite (Gyroscope, without Gyroscope, file, Pro, Gun Shacking, Zero Recoil)

To control Recoil in PUBG mobile lite, it is important to know about three things very well, Gyro Scope, best Sensitivity, properly Gun material Attechments in match so that they can control Recoil in the best way.

The reason why PUBG Mobile Lite’s excellent content creator and streamer has such better spray and recoil control in GamePlay, that they take care of all these things.

PUBG Mobile Lite Recoil control, Zero Recoil
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What is Gun Recoil

Shaking of the recoil gun And because of this, the player is not able to spray the gun properly, so will know about the recoil control of the gun.

We are going to tell you about the Grips used in guns. Using these grips in the right place and in the right way can control the recoil of your gun.

How to Control Recoil In PUBG Mobile Lite

Through these grips, not only how to reduce recoil but also accuracy is correct. We’re here to show you how to make the gameplay even better by using the right grip in the right gun.

Angled Grip

Angled Grip is a great option for SMG and AR. This grip reduces horizontal recoil. Like Thumb Grip, its plus point is to increase the speed of ADS. However, every grip also has a negative point. This grip reduces the stability of the gun.

Along with this, it also makes the gun quite stable. Better ADS (Aim Down Sight), Good Recoil Recovery And due to the stability, using this grip with a scope is a great option.


This attachment is in your gun, then you will be able to control the recoil of the gun very easily.

Half Grip

Half Grip is such a grip, which is found in most of the guns and it helps a lot in reducing the recoil of the gun (PUBG Recoil Tips). This grip helps in stabilizing the player at the front.

This grip fixes the vertical recoil of your gun. Although this grip reduces vertical recoil, but it gives a lot of shock to the gun. That’s why we would recommend you to use this grip on an already stable gun. These include the UMP9, AUG A3 and Vector guns.

Vertical Grip

Vertical Grip is the favorite grip of most players. This grip supports most of the guns quite well. As the name suggests, this grip handles vertical recoil quite well.

This grip is a great alternative to the Beryl M762 and Tommy Gun. Let us tell you that only Vertical Grip works in Tommy Gun and SMG.

Although this grip also does not control horizontal recoil very well, it does a lot of work to keep the gun stable when the gun is used in burst mode.

Thumb Grip

Many players believe that Vertical Grip works better than Thumb Grip. There is no doubt that the thumb grip does not reduce recoil as much as the vertical grip, But this grip greatly reduces the time to open the scope.


Using Gyroscope not only reduces Recoil but also reduces your aim time because the best of playing Gyro “On” according to aiming with thumb is different.

With the help of Gyroscope, you will be able to spray from long range without recoil with this you need practice. And there is no training mode in Pubg Lite, so you can practice it in payload mode.

Best Gyroscope Sensitivity

Gyroscope Sensitivity settings which will help in Recoil control i.e. Zero Recoil

No Scope200%
Red dot, holographic, Aim assist200%
2× Scope200%
3× Scope160%
4× ACOG Scope, vss140%
6× Scope120%
8× Scope50%

PUBG Mobile Lite Without Gyroscope Recoil Control

To control the recoil without gyroscope in PUBG mobile lite, you have to drag the fire button while firing, which fixes the recoil.

  1. Recoil control from file (Config) in PUBG Mobile Lite?

    Zero Recoil done by using the file in PUBG Lite can result in a ban on getting your id, player report, And about this I do not recommend you to use the file

  2. What is pro player in PUBG Mobile Lite?

    One of the best players in PUBG Mobile Lite is GoD Praveen YT, which PUBG lite gamer’s like.

  3. How to become an expert in recoil control in PUBG Lite?

    Practice Recoil in the current mode in Pubg Lite in different ways to get the best

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