How To Send UC To Your Friend Account In BGMI?

How To Send UC To Your Friend In BGMI: The best day for a BGMI player will be the day when a lot of UC comes into his account. Obviously, UC matters a lot for any BGMI player.

With UC, you can buy whatever you want inside the game without any restrictions. If you want to send UC to someone, then you can send it very easily.

How To Send UC To Your Friend Account In BGMI?

In this post, I am going to tell you a way by which you can send UC to anyone very easily, so let’s know How To Send UC To Your Friend In BGMI

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How to send UC in BGMI? How to transfer from UC to BGMI?

The way to send UC to anyone in BGMI is very easy. Here it is to be noted that we cannot send UC to anyone from our account to any other account.

If you want to send UC from your account to someone else’s account, then you cannot do so in any way. But if you want to send UC to Codashop.

Codashop is such a website that you can easily send UC to anyone. To send UC from Codashop, one has to go to its website. After this, enter your BGMI ID and choose the UC pack you want. After that, you have to make a payment. After some time the UC will come into your BGMI account.

How to buy UC from Codashop?

  1. First of all, go to the Codashop website by clicking on the link – Click Here
  2. After this enter BGMI ID in User ID
  3. Select UC pack then choose the payment method
  4. Then click on Buy Now

By clicking on Buy Now, your UC will be transferred to your BGMI account.

BGMI Rate CodaShop Rate

BGMI Rate (in-game)CodaShop Rate
60 UC = 75 Rs30 UC+ 2 UC = 37 Rs (not available this plan)
300 UC+ 25 UC = 380 Rs60 UC+ 2 UC = 75 Rs
600 UC+ 60 UC = 750 Rs300 UC+ 40 UC = 380 Rs
1500 UC + 300 UC = 1900 Rs600 UC+ 120 UC = 750 Rs
3000 UC+ 850 UC = 3800 Rs1500 UC + 400 UC = 1900 Rs
6000 UC+ 2100 UC = 7500 Rs3000 UC+ 850 UC = 3800 Rs

Get permanent Veteran Agent Glass & Set for Free !!

Get permanent Veteran Agent Glass & Set for Free !!


  • The CodaShop offer is valid from 1st July 2022 9 AM IST – 23rd July 2022 6 PM IST
  • Purchase 60 UC, get Veteran Agent Glasses (permanent items)
  • Purchase 300 UC, get Veteran Agent Glasses & Veteran Agent Set (both permanent)
  • Players who purchase both 60 UC and 300 UC will get all items. The items will be offered once per user on the first purchase.

Note: The Free Item will be supplied to users’ in-game accounts presently within 48-72 hours of a successful transaction.

  1. Is UC cheap in Codashop?

    Yes, in Codashop, more UC is available than BGMI for the same price, the rates of UC in Codashop are as follows.

  2. Does Codashop do easy and fast UC transfer?

    Yes, It only takes a few seconds to complete a purchase.

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