Good news: BGMI will be back in India! The revealed date and publisher details are here

Great news for those who love gaming, BGMI will soon return to India! In the wake of the Indian government has stopped playing Battlegrounds Mobile India, many stories have been floating regarding the game’s return on the internet. Recently, famous BGMI players Soumraj and AKop have informed the audience about a new leak.

BGMI will be back in India! The revealed date and publisher details

According to the latest leaks, BGMI is about to make a comeback in the Indian market. Soumraj revealed during one Instagram live broadcast that BGMI is set to make an appearance by the end of February 2023. The publishing partners for India would be Jio and Airtel.

Contrarily, Krafton has yet to provide any information regarding the game’s potential return to the country. Furthermore, Tanmay has denied all the leaks shared by people on the ‘ScoutOp’ internet and refused to expect a return from the public as the publication has not disclosed anything to the content creators.

Soumraj conducted an Instagram Live session to interact with his audience and answered questions from the audience posted in the comments. One of the spectators observed when BGMI would return. Soumraj replies that BGMI will soon be back as a publisher of Jio or Airtel.

Jio or Airtel will be the publisher!

He said, “We recently regarded the Valorant Harbor launch event. There were stories that BGMI would return sometime in February the following year.” According to the Leaks he found, the CEO further added that its new publishers would have to be Jio or Airtel. He also confirmed that he was unsure about it as it was only a rumor.

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In the past few days, Orangutan Gaming’s AKop held an Instagram live broadcast to provide details regarding the game’s ban being lifted from its sources. He said that AKop was informed that BGMI is coming back with the help of an Indian publisher. He stated, “I recently visited the Valorant event, and internal references announced to me that BGMI is set to make its return to this Indian market. However, the person who is the game’s publisher will change. The publisher will now be Indian. But I’m not sure what the title of this business is. Disclosure is not permitted.”

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