PUBG Mobile Lite No Recoil Config file download? (V0.26.0) Full Details

PUBG Mobile Lite No Recoil Config file download? (V0.26.0) Full Details: PUBG Mobile Lite often uses player config file configuration somewhere, which is against the game policy or not. Can a player id get banned? How to download the config. You will know the whole process in detail, the config, and how it works in PUBG Mobile Lite.

Somewhere players finish playing the game through an open teammate or enemy, they wonder how it happened, or a surprise attack is made on them so that they know the players by the name of the config user. However, it depends on two things.

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Either the player playing has better skills or who is using the config. After continuous practice in the game, many players become pro players, or their skills are better to look like config users.

What is PUBG Mobile Lite Config File

Config is a configuration through which the User can change the settings of the in-game, edit the text file, and maximize the value of the options, through which the User can make a lot of changes in the game, in which exchanges are given below. That is included in the PUBG Mobile Lite.

  • High Damage
  • No Grass
  • No Recoil
  • Ultra-smooth
  • Aimbot
  • Anti Ban
  • No Lag
  • Glitch Config Files
  • Quick Scope and more

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Is it reasonable to use config in the game?

Installing config files is against the game policy. If any cheating is detected in the game, then your ID can be terminated for a limited time or permanently, through which you will lose the items available in your account and your ID.

PUBG Mobile Lite No Recoil Config file download? (V0.23.0) Full Details

How to Download PUBG Mobile Lite Config File

We do not encourage any config or game cheating on the current website and recommend that you do not use any setting in the game so that your ID is bathed with you

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