PUBG Mobile Lite Season 54 Winner Pass Release date and rewards revealed

PUBG Mobile Lite Season 54 Winner Pass: PUBG Mobile has quickly grown in popularity as one of the premier battle royale games played on mobile devices. Although a smaller version than its renowned counterpart, PUBG Mobile enjoys an active player base all its own.

Tencent Games’ creators, specifically its Lite Version Tencent Games, have introduced numerous features to enhance gamers’ BR gaming experiences globally. One particular highlight is the month-long Winner Pass feature – players eagerly wait each month for it in order to collect rewards and complete achievements!

How to Get PUBG Mobile Lite Season 54 Winner Pass: Top Methods

On November 1st, 2023, Winner Pass Season 51 officially booted off in the popular battle royale game and will run through September 30, 2023. You can participate in both daily and challenge missions to earn WP Points that will help advance you up the WP Ranks toward rewards!

PUBG Mobile Lite Season 54 Winner Pass Release date and rewards revealed

The brand new Winner Pass 54 comes in two versions; Elite Upgrade can be purchased for 280 BC while the more costly Elite Upgrade Plus costs an extra 800 UC and offers rewards of 1,000 BC; with the purchase of both versions, players will reap rewards totalling 3000 BC!

Rewards Introduced for Winner Pass 54 in PUBG Mobile Lite

Similar to previous Season Winner Passes, Season 54 Winner Pass has introduced various new rewards that users can unlock by performing daily and weekly tasks.

The latest Winner Pass provides two categories -free or paid- to users: while one may provide only limited benefits accessing many new cosmetics, products, and skins for guns through another will open up even greater potential benefits for gamers.

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